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What is available through Find It Virginia?

Find It Virginia is a collection of databases that provide access to resources such as newspapers, magazine and journal articles, and books such as encyclopedias. Materials are available for all age ranges and interests.

Can I find books and materials that are in my public library using Find It Virginia?

No. Please visit your local library web site or in person to find materials that are available there.

Can I print out what I find in Find It Virginia?

Yes. They can also be sent through e-mail.

Does my library have other electronic resources or databases available for me?

Possibly. Please contact your local library to ask about other resources that are available to users.

What do I need to use Find It Virginia?

A Virginia public library card is the only requirement to use these resources. Virginians can visit their local public library to register for a library card.

When is Find It Virginia available?

Find It Virginia is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Who runs the Find It Virginia project?

Find It Virginia is part of the Infopowering the Commonwealth initiative, a cooperative project of the Library of Virginia and Virginia's public libraries, and is designed to promote and support public access computing, Internet connectivity, and quality information resources in all Virginia public libraries.

How is Find It Virginia funded?

Find It Virginia is supported by federal funds provided by the Institute of Museum and Library Services.

What is Geo IP?

Geo IP Technology allows your local residents instant access to your resources without any authentication.

How Does Geo IP work?

By embedding a URL in front of your links, the Geo IP script will detect the IP of the Patron's device. If the IP is located in Virginia, it will redirect the patron straight into the resource. If the IP is outside of Virginia, they will be redirected to a Proxy login.

Will Usage be applied to my library?

Yes. If the patron's IP is located nearby your location, Usage will be attributed to your location as well. You can also force usage to your Library by embedding your LocID in the GeoIP link. See instructions below.

How do I apply Geo IP authentcation on my Gale Links?

To apply Geo IP, you must change the Links on your Resources. Below is a guide for the different types of links:

  • For Databases: Change your link to: http://galesites.com/state/lva/geo.php?db=[PRODUCT_ID HERE]
    Example (Kids InfoBits): http://galesites.com/state/lva/geo.php?db=ITKE

  • For eBooks: Change your link to: http://galesites.com/state/lva/geo.php?isbn=[13 DIGITS ISBN HERE]
    Example (ebook name here): http://galesites.com/state/lva/geo.php?isbn=97823423423433

To force Usage for your Location, simply add "&loc=[MY LOCATION HERE] to the URL as well.

Example: http://galesites.com/state/lva/geo.php?db=ITKE&loc=virginia_geoip